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New DNSA Collection Documents CIA Covert Operations During The Eisenhower Years

December 1, 2021
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The National Security Archive, along with our scholarly partners at ProQuest, is publishing the
fourth of seven document installments on the CIA’s traditional method of intelligence gathering,
covert operations. The 1,824 document set, CIA Covert Operations IV: The Eisenhower Years,
1953-1962, features thousands of declassified documents detailing the extremely active period of
CIA clandestine missions throughout the Eisenhower presidency.

This consequential period includes the joint CIA-MI6 1953 coup in Iran, the 1954 overthrow of
the Jacobo Arbenz government in Guatemala, and operations against Cuba at the start of
the 1960s, just to name a few. Readers and researchers will also find government documents related to covert operations during the Korean War, and in Albania, Tibet, and the Dominican Republic.

The new publication adds to the National Security Archive’s growing document collection on
covert action, a singular resource for those studying the CIA. Previous publications available to
researchers include:

• CIA Covert Operations: From Carter to Obama, 1977-2010.
• CIA Covert Operations, Part II: The Year of Intelligence, 1975.
• CIA Covert Operations, Part III: From Kennedy to Nixon, 1961-1974.

Forthcoming installments in the CIA Covert Operations series will include documents on operations in Southeast Asia (Part V), the Truman era (Part VI), and the Congo (Part VII). All of the document collections have been curated by award-winning intelligence authority John Prados.

To read the latest release from the Digital National Security Archive through your local library,
or request a free institutional trial, click here.

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