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Archive FOIA Coordinator Nate Jones Discusses Able Archer 83 with Robert Farley on Bloggingheads

June 3, 2013

The National Security Archive’s FOIA Coordinator, Nate Jones, recently appeared on’s Foreign Entanglements segment. This time, Jones discusses newly declassified documents concerning the secret 1983 NATO exercise Able Archer, the subject of Jones’ recent three-part web posting.

Watch the interview for a discussion of the increase in tensions between the US and the USSR, and Nate’s explanation of why the 1983 exercise scared the Soviets. Three sets of documents of particular interest are discussed at length, shedding light on Soviet fears of a US nuclear first strike, how a Warsaw Pact-NATO war in Europe would play out, and whether there was a real danger of the war game becoming real. Check out the full interview at!


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