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Cold War History Research Center Releases Cold War Chronology –Based on Soviet Bloc Sources.

May 18, 2012

From The Cold War History Research Center at Corvinus University of Budapest

The National Security Archive is pleased to announce the availability of a terrific Cold War resource from one of our partners in Central Europe.

The Cold War History Research Center in Budapest ( recently published “The History of the Soviet Bloc, 1945-1991. A CHRONOLOGY. PART 1, 1945-1950,” edited by Csaba BÉKÉS, Founding Director of the Center.

Csaba is one of our longest-standing partners in the region and a leading historian of the Cold War.  He’s also a former ICAS Fellow at New York University and a recurring visiting professor at Columbia University.

What makes this chronology stand out is that it’s based on hard-to-find Soviet bloc sources, a vital corollary to Western perspectives on a wide
variety of topics.
The first segment of what will be a three-part, English language, online timeline is roughly 300 pages in length.  When it’s finished it’ll be 3,000 pages long. Part 2 (1951-1955) will be available by September 2012, and Part 3 (1956-1968) by December 2012.

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Happy reading!

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