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Wikileaks Guatemala: “Collapsing” Rule of Law

March 7, 2011

Newspapers in Guatemala exploded with a discussion of the WikiLeaks cables the week of 13 February 2011. Newspapers first reported on cables sent from the US Embassy in Guatemala that spoke to the level of control drug cartels have over parts of the country. The most significant cable, 09GUATEMALA106, was sent by Ambassador McFarland to the State Department on 6 February 2009. The cable included a great deal of information about the state of affairs in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, and concluded that the rule of law is “collapsing” and that the city’s law enforcement and judicial institutions are overwhelmed and insufficient. The cable states that the state is quickly losing control in Cobán, a process which has already taken place in Zacapa and Izabal, as well as portions of Jutiapa, Chiquimula, San Marcos and Petén. The Embassy recommended that action be taken immediately, because “[w]ithout outside intervention, Cobán will join the growing list of areas lost to narcotraffickers.”

Arrest of Suspected Zetas in Alta Verapaz. Courtesy of Johan Ordonez, AFP/Getty Images

The Embassy based these comments on information gathered from both anonymous and official sources during two trips USAID and Embassy officers made to the region in January 2009. An anonymous resident of Cobán told US officials that three groups of narcotraffickers were present in Cobán: the Lorenzana family of Zacapa, represented in Cobán by Walter Overdic Mejía; the Mendoza family of Izabal, led by “El Loco” Turcios in Cobán; and more than 100 Zetas from Mexico. The source stated that Los Zetas had arrived in Cobán at the invitation of Overdic Mejía, who thought he could enter into partnership with them. In the end, however, Los Zetas attempted to take over, buying land on the route to Mexico, openly using the airport, and paying immigration officials to obtain Guatemalan passports and other documents. US officials also visited poor neighborhoods in Cobán where members of Los Zetas are rumored to reside. The cable commented that “many idle youths” were out and about on the streets who “could easily be manipulated by outsiders with money.”

The source also reported having seen a particular police officer, whose name was redacted, escorting Los Zetas. This police officer is also believed to have worked for, and subsequently betrayed, both Guatemalan trafficking families in the past. The behavior of the National Civil Police (PNC, Policía Nacional Civil) has also been suspect. They did not respond, for example, to a shoot out between rival organizations, which took place 500 meters from the police station. Mayors of nearby towns reported to USAID officers that most residents believe that the police chief and his officers are cooperating with the cartels. Because of this, residents are reluctant to report crimes to the police and prefer to make denunciations to municipal authorities.

The cable notes that the military may also be compromised. The International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG, Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad en Guatemala) reported that checks made out to Colonel Carlos Adolfo Mancilla were found in the residence of Overdic Mejía’s bodyguards. Since then, Mancilla has been promoted to Brigadier General and made Deputy Chief of Staff.

The mayor of Cobán, Leonel Chacón, became “visibly nervous” when asked about security in Cobán and stated that narcotraffickers were sometimes present in town, but did not have a negative effect on daily life. Other sources, however, painted a different picture. These sources stated that local cocaine use was growing and that many farmers and taxi drivers now play a role in the narcotraffickers’ transportation networks.

The cable also raised questions about the integrity of the judicial system. A local judge, who CICIG believes has passed rulings favorable to local narcotraffickers, refused to go into detail about narcotraffickers in Cobán, though he did recognize that they were present. He is, he said, doing the best he can given the “new realities” that exist. A Criminal Prosecutor who works in Cobán for the Attorney General’s Office stated she would like to prosecute cases against narcotraffickers but is afraid to do so. USAID sources in Cobán agreed that, out of fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones, judges and attorneys ignore the presence of Guatemalan and Mexican cartels.

In response to this information, McFarland stated that “[w]holesale restructuring of the ROL apparatus—not mere personnel changes—would be required for the state to adequately reassert its authority.”

In a separate cable sent on 24 December 2009, McFarland reported that Carlos Castresana, the former head of CICIG, stated that 60% of Guatemala was already controlled by Mexican cartels and that if Guatemala became a narco-state, El Salvador and Honduras would soon follow.

Ronaldo Robles, Social Communications Secretary of the Presidency, issued a statement on 14 February 2011, which declared that the WikiLeaks cables were “subjective assessments of individuals at the Embassy.” Speaking particularly of the information about Cobán, he stated that the information was out of date, as the situation in Cobán had completely changed. This final statement referred to Colom administration’s decision, made on 19 December 2010, to declare a state of siege in Alta Verapaz, to strike a blow to narcotrafficking. Originally declared for 30 days, the state of siege was extended an additional 30 days, and was officially lifted on 18 February 2011.

These cables clearly reveal cartels to be making headway in Guatemala, and show various Guatemalan institutions to be unable to address the challenge.

  1. Tony Ryals permalink
    March 8, 2011 11:47 pm

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  2. February 13, 2015 6:34 pm

    Pensar a veces tampoco está tan mal y si vemos obvios los hábitos extraños del hermano… lo que nos pendiente asentir los nuestros un abrazo


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