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Ex-Kaibil Officer Connected to Dos Erres Massacre Arrested in Alberta, Canada

January 21, 2011

Sosa Orantes, YouTube

Jorge Vinicio Sosa Orantes was arrested in Alberta, Canada on January 18, 2011 on charges of naturalization fraud in the United States. Sosa Orantes, 52, is a former commanding officer of the Guatemalan Special Forces, or Kaibil unit, which brutally murdered more than 250 men, women and children during the 1982 massacre in Dos Erres, Guatemala. Sosa Orantes, a resident of Riverside County, California where he was a well known martial arts instructor, was arrested near the home of a relative in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. The charges for which he was arrested stem from an indictment by the United States District Court, Central District of California on charges of making false statements under oath on his citizenship application. Sosa Orantes will come before the Canadian court in Calgary to face possible extradition to the United States. 

 In an interview with the Calgary Sun, U.S. Justice Department prosecutor David Gates said that the extradition request was not a result of the allegations against Sosa Orantes for his involvement in the massacre; his extradition is being requested for alleged naturalization fraud. However, considering the similar case against Gilberto Jordan, it is possible that the precedence set with the ruling on that case may affect the outcome of Sosa Orantes’s case.

*Please visit the National Security Archive posting for more information regarding U.S. documents on the Dos Erres massacre, and the sentencing of ex-Kaibil Gilberto Jordan.

  1. The Professor permalink
    March 26, 2012 10:55 pm

    We, the Sosa family, have decided to make this public clarification due to the smear campaign that interested organizations and individuals are carrying out against Jorge Vinicio Sosa, without accurate knowledge of the facts. It is regrettable, as some people take advantage of the media to lie against Jorge Vinicio.

    First of all, we want to explain to you how the order of command in the Guatemala’s army works, being not different from other armies in the world. The system of authority in the army states that orders must be followed by the highest official ranks until they reach the lowest rank. The army follows this sequence: from general, colonel, major, captain, lieutenant, sub-lieutenant, sergeant, corporal and lower-ranking subordinates or soldiers.

    When Jorge Vinicio Sosa (then) was a sub-lieutenant, he never commanded any genocide. He did not have a high rank because he was merely a subordinate, junior officer. Unfortunately, this information has been manipulated in the newspapers and internet by people who are interested in using it for their own cruel purposes. People often believe what the newspapers say and do not investigate the true facts of things. This is also worth mentioning that the slaughter of Las Dos Erres was not alone as there were in total 626 massacres during the war of 33 years in Guatemala. How is it that now after so many years that the “peace treaties” were signed and having as a main purpose to forget both army and guerrillas for the crimes they committed is not protecting Jorge Vinicio? Different organizations are attacking those who participated in this slaughter but what happened to the other massacres that occurred? And because they want to take advantage of Jorge V. Sosa, who had lower rank at that time, he has to pay for doing something that was ordered by then President, General Efraín Ríos Mont.

    The Guatemalan army not innocent of the massacres, but how is that being so strong, right now can not defend those who fought and died to defend the country from domestic terrorists or guerrillas. Unfortunately, the army is being controlled by a civilian government? Why Guatemala’s army defended only high-ranking officials, and what happened to the junior officers and executed only obeyed their orders. For example, in 1980, when such a “Court of Spain” claimed General Guevara, Chief of Police Chupina and General Rios Mont, for the death of guests and Spanish staff in the explosion of the Spain Embassy by a guerrilla leader who detonated a bomb, the army defend them and the Spanish government did not achieve their abusive purposes. Currently, the first two have died and Rios Mont is shielded in Deputy immunity by becoming a congressman. What about the Army of Guatemala? What are they doing now to defend their own people? Failure to take action, these today’s events will affect those who work for the army.

    It is also known that the guerrillas FARGO, EGP, FAR, ORPA, MRP13 and others also made their massacres, which are not mentioned in the newspapers or internet. They only mention what the army did to them. Perhaps because the key positions in the Guatemala government are occupied by ex-guerrilla commanders whom for many years were kidnapping, charging war tax to civilians and forcing the native people to join them or kill them if did not. So now we wonder about the supposed justice on both sides? What happens in reality? Who is really behind all this? Where are the alleged “human rights” to do justice for all? This the kind of hypocrisy and cynicism that man destroys man! Since there is no morality because some people only seek total domination and greed taking advantage of the weak.

    Now, Guatemalan government is lying by accusing Jorge V. Sosa of being involved in the killing of hostages in the embassy of Spain on January 25, 1,980. At that time, he was still a cadet at the Army School (Escuela Politecnica) and he had not even graduated. He was only 21 yrs old then. Another ironic thing is that now Spain is asking for the extradition of Jorge V. Sosa to be prosecuted in that country by the “Human Rights” supposedly. If we go back to history, Spain was one of the greatest murderers of Indians during the conquest of Guatemala in the alleged settlement. The Spanish also raped thousands of indigenous women and used them as slaves.

    Another information that was mentioned in the news and it is a lie was that Jorge V. Sosa left his ex-wife and a child in California. We have evidence that she was the one who left Jorge because she was being pressured by her family and they never had any child together. Jorge has two children from his previous marriage and they are adults, no young children.

    As we mentioned before, there are evidences that Jorge V. Sosa is not the author of these crimes or which he is being accused. Jorge Vinicio Sosa is an honest man and devoted father and never agreed with the killings that occurred while he was in the Guatemalan army because he has always respected human life. When Jorge was working foe the Army of Guatemala, he always promoted sports in all villages where he worked and the Japanese philosophy of Zen, for the benefit of mankind in peace and harmony.

    We ask all of you to do justice to the true causes of these tragedies and to end the lies of these jealous and negative people. As our Lord Jesus said, “Throw the first stone those who are free of sin” but no one threw it because they were no free of sin.

    In God We Trust,
    The Sosa family

    • Nick permalink
      April 2, 2017 7:03 am

      Yeah such a nice guy – what a pity eyewitnesses saw him tossing a grenade into a well with living and dead victims…

  2. The Professor permalink
    March 26, 2012 10:56 pm

    Nobody can be declared guilty or innocent until a judge gives his verdict!

    I am the father of Jorge Vinicio Sosa, CTO and cofounder of World Union Budo Sosa-Kai, who has done commendable work across America and from whom I am very proud of I decided to make this clarification because I am completely disgusted to see how powerful entities fight for the right to punish my son. What comes to my mind is of bloodthirsty wild dogs after a fox, who is helpless, to smash it to satisfy their instincts and what also comes to my mind is the savagery of the Roman populace to enjoy the madness when the beasts devoured Christians in the “Roman Circus” or those martyrs served as human torches to the satisfaction of Cesar inhumane. This confirms what Jose Esteban Rodo said one time: “Homo Hominis Lupus” (Man is a wolf to man).

    It has come to my attention that now Spain wants to intervene and extradition Jorge Sosa due to frustration of not being capable for the extradition of General Rios Mont Chupina the actual head and planner of the operation and now try to punish my son to prove his might to world, we need to remember to this Spain Guatemala achieved independence on September 15, 1821 and therefore Guatemala is not Spanish Colony anymore.

    And as for the Americans, who want to extradite him feel inhuman to apply a sentence of 10 years as if he had committed a great crime, in which he did not.

    I feel that as a Canadian citizen, I believe that the case should be handled by the Canadian court. Who should be responsible, without pressure from other countries?

    Another thing: Spain is trying to involve my son in the fire which caused one of the militants of CUC with a Molotov cocktail at the Spanish Embassy, when the forces were attending the National Police during this time my son was just only 4 months of graduation. He was enlisted in the Military Base Miguel García Granados, in Puerto Barrios, Izabal department, which is 308 kilometers away from the capital city.

    At first glance it looks like certain people are trying to sink Jorge Vinicio Sosa, using all the tricks that they can think of people are telling lies and takes that my son could hot have done.

    I am a man of 85, very sick, but I have a too much martial spirit and inspiration in me like the noble path of Bushido to stand up for my son and my whole family up to my eternal passed through the gate of the East to be accountable to the Great Architect of the Universe that is the only judge who judges us with all his goodness and mercy. Following the noble motto: “Shimon yori irite, Shimon ni iru”(Through the implementation of the death, you get to the real life).

    Mr. Hanshi Jorge Sosa
    From Supreme Master Sooke
    World Union Budo Sosa-Kai
    Lethbridge, AB, Canada

  3. The Professor permalink
    March 26, 2012 10:59 pm


    For Guatemalans, the world in general, and the media, the Sosa family continues to provide further clarification on behalf of our Son, Brother and Father, Jorge Vinicio Sosa (also known as Jorge Sosa Jr., in the field of Martial Arts)

    On this occasion, we will present accurate data, so that readers can analyze the facts and compare the injustices committed against Jorge.

    Jorge graduated as an Army Officer, September 1st 1979, as it says on his military curriculum. He was then discharged from the military base “Miguel Garcia Granados” in Puerto Barrios Izabal. The City of Puerto Barrios is 308 kilometers from the Capital City. According to this information, we confirm that Jorge had no involvement in the seizure of the embassy of Spain, as claimed by Rigoberta Menchu and Montenegro, and some journalist. Jorge was only 21 years old, and it had been 4 months since his graduation as an Army Officer. The seizure of the Embassy of Spain was the January 25, 1980.

    Jorge arrived in late 1980 to the Military Brigade Honor Guard, where he served for about a year, during which time he helped a military convoy move poor people with their belongings, living in marginal areas with houses built by the Government in the area 18, “San Rafael La Laguna”, providing a boon to the Guatemalan community.

    In 1982, Jorge, working as part of the Group S-5, Civil Affairs Department of the Army, provided great assistance to approximately 30 schools in the area of Menchor de Mencos and surrounding villages Salsipuedes and the area in “La Polvora”, Petén. He achieved this through personal interviews with the Minister of Education and other governmental entities, educational materials through mobile libraries, instructional aids such as blackboards, chalk and exercise books and sport equipment. To carry out this plan, Jorge visited all the villages to see their needs and help them accordingly.

    Jorge also participated in, and sponsored, basketball and soccer teams in the town of Melchor de Mencos, becoming very close with the populace of the area.

    It is worth noting that Jorge was an excellent athlete, due to the practice of Martial Arts, for which he received the Military Medal First Class Sports on June 30, 1981.

    Jorge was a servant to his country; he always followed the ideals of defending and protecting the freedom of Guatemala. His work for the organization was established and recognized by the Government of Guatemala. As a Junior Officer, he followed orders from his superiors according the requirements demanded by the institution.

    The guerrillas of Guatemala were an organization not recognized by the Government itself; it was an organization that claimed to fight for “freedom”, but committed just as many atrocities as the government.

    We believe that there is an error saying that the killing were only by one group, for all Guatemalans should be aware that these actions were committed by various groups including: the guerrillas, the civil defense patrols, illegal paramilitary groups, and the military. What happened in Guatemala was a war between brothers, managed by the U.S. and Russia. It is claimed that Jorge was hiding in the U.S. and Canada, which is a ridiculous lie! He traveled constantly to several countries and as proof here are dates he was traveling abroad to give seminars in America and Japan on field trips:

    April 1989 Traveled to Mexico, D.F.
    Mar 2001 Traveled to Okinawa, Japan
    September 2001 Traveled to Osaka, Japan
    July 2002 Traveled to Bogota and Cali, Colombia
    April 2003 Traveled to Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto, Japan
    September 2004 Traveled to Mexico, D.F. and Toluca
    June 2005 Traveled to Mexico, D.F.
    August 2005 Traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina
    November 2005 Traveled to Bogota, Colombia
    March 2006 Traveled to Nagoya, Osaka and Nagasaki, Japan
    July 2007 Traveled to Osaka and Kyoto, Japan
    December Traveled to Bogota, Colombia
    February 2008 Traveled Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brasil
    November Traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica
    December Traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina
    February 2009 Traveled to Quintana Roo, Mexico
    September Traveled to Bogota, Colombia
    October Traveled to San Jose, Costa Rica
    November Traveled to Sao Paulo and Minas Gerai, Brazil
    December Traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina
    March 2010 Traveled to Quintana Roo, Mexico

    We call to the attention of the public to discuss the accusations being made against Jorge about what happened in the village the 2 Rs,. At that time, he was only 24 years old and had only three years experience as an army officer. It is impossible in any army in the world, for an officer with so little experience and age, to command such an operation. In the newspapers of Guatemala and some organizations against the Army, they referred to several members who participated in this action and in which there are experienced seniors officers, as in the case of Lt. Ovidio Ramirez Ramos, who according to the Annals’ of Guatemala Military School, graduated in November 1976, and so other officers mentioned in those lists.

    Jorge left Guatemala in 1985, due to violence in the country, his disagreement with the management of the army in the war and insecurity of any attack from the guerrilla against army officers. Neither side was right in “a war without reason”. In the end the payment was the lives of the people of Guatemala. Many died on both sides for nothing and many innocent people for a peace that still does not exist in Guatemala. Narco Wars today make everything almost as bad as the last war, and corruption is everywhere. We see an endless war in the Land of the Quetzal

    Sosa Family

  4. The Professor permalink
    March 26, 2012 10:59 pm

    After so many years seeking revenge in and of itself is evil.

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