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Peter Kornbluh Examines the “Bizarre and Disreputable” Case of Terrorist and Former CIA Asset Luis Posada

January 6, 2011

Luis Posada's 2005 Mugshot.

By Peter Kornbluh for The Nation.

On January 10 one of the most dangerous terrorists in recent history will go on trial in a small courtroom in El Paso, Texas. This is not the venue the Obama administration has finally selected to prosecute the perpetrators of 9/11; it is where the reputed godfather of Cuban exile violence, Luis Posada Carriles, may finally face a modicum of accountability for his many crimes.

In the annals of modern justice, the Posada trial stands out as one of the most bizarre and disreputable of legal proceedings. The man identified by US intelligence reports as a mastermind of the midair destruction of a Cuban airliner—all seventy-three people on board were killed when the plane plunged into the sea off the coast of Barbados on October 6, 1976—and who publicly bragged about being behind a series of hotel bombings in Havana that killed an Italian businessman, Fabio Di Celmo, is being prosecuted for perjury and fraud, not murder and mayhem. The handling of his case during the Bush years became an international embarrassment and reflected poorly on the willingness and/or abilities of the Justice Department to prosecute crimes of terror when that terrorist was once an agent and ally of America. For the Obama administration, the verdict will carry significant implications for US credibility in the fight against terrorism, as well as for the future of US-Cuban relations…

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And check out the National Security Archive’s declassified documents on how Posada used plastic explosives disguised as Colgate toothpaste to blow up a Cuban jetliner; and the Declassified Posada File, Parts I and II.

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  1. muzz permalink
    January 6, 2011 9:14 pm

    in the meantime in the U.S.A. of 2011 advocating for the closure of a taxpayer funded training camp for right-wing terrorism will get you a 6 months in the slammer…

    “Federal Judge sentences School of the Americas Watch activists Nancy Smith and Chris Spicer to six months in prison”

    Roberto D’Aubuisson would be proud

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