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FRINFORMSUM: wikileaks

December 1, 2010

I can only imagine fellow document hounds are following the wikileaks phenomenon as close as we are.  Here are some our favorite stories about the saga.

First, Salon has a few questions for wikileaks, for the US government, for the journalists who received the leaked documents, and even some for Sarah Palin.

Steve Aftergood at Secrecy News –as always– provides an even-keeled estimation of the cables leak.

Julian Assange’s 8-page interview with Forbes in which he hints a “big US bank” will be the next to get the wiki treatment.

Interpol has also issued a “red notice” for him.

Having trouble viewing wikileaks today?  Probably because it was under an extremely large DDOS attack.

Then, Amazon stopped hosting the site on its servers.

But wikileaks just migrated to Europe and tweeted, “If Amazon are so uncomfortable with the first amendment, they should get out of the business of selling books.”

Here’s a nice post at Foreign Policy explaining whey the US government still even uses cables anyway.

One more time: 250,000 cables have not been released to the public.  As of today, only 505 (less than one percent) are available.

And on the FOIA front, the Supreme Court today heard a case arguing against the broad use of the “internal personnel rules and practices” exemption.  Check out Chief Justice’s Robert’s line of questioning.

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