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September 22, 2010

Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book, Obama’s Wars, will shed light on covert US operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. As with his prior large-scale presidential chronicles, Woodward has been granted access far beyond that afforded to other journalists.

Numerous Soviet or Russian defectors have been poisoned over the years. Alexander Litvinenko and Vladimir Pasechnik were successfully assassinated. KGB defector and author Oleg Gordievsky barely survived the attempt on his life and remains partially paralyzed. Now, another highly placed Russian espionage defector has died, allegedly from choking on a piece of meat:

HP Albarelli’s A Terrible Mistake: The Murder of Frank Olson and the CIA’s Secret Cold War Experiments uses declassified CIA documents to shed light on US government experiments with LSD. In one case – in which the chemical was being tested as an offensive weapon – it appears that the entire French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit was dosed with the psychedelic drug.

On Monday, a group of retired US Air Force Officers will be holding a press conference to present declassified documents to assert that UFO’s have been tampering with (disabling) US nuclear missile for years.  It’s at the National Press Club, no less.

President Obama leads Israel-Palestine peace talks – unless one’s source of news is the state-run newspaper of Egypt, Al-Ahram.  (Photo-doctoring at its finest.)

And finally, be absolutely certain to check out Joyce Battle’s fascinating new Electronic Briefing Book, “The Iraq War –Part 1: The U.S. Prepares for Conflict, 2001,” which showcases documents about the long march to war in Iraq under Bush.  It’s great.

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